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Keep a database of sourced images from the Web

If you do a lot of research on the internet it can be easy to lose your sources, making citing difficult! Image Co-tracker is an application that runs with an Internet Explorer add-on, and saves images in a database with sources intact.

After installation, right-clicking on any image in IE will bring up an option to Grab Image. Click this and a small window will pop up with the image title, web address, destination folder plus the category. You can change any of this, and add a comment before clicking OK.

Every time you grab an image, the Image Co-tracker will open up and it seems impossible to stop this happening, or choose the size of the opened application (which always starts maximized for some reason). This irritation aside, as a place to easily store sourced images, Image Co-tracker works well. The interface is not brilliant, but the images are well cited and easy to edit.

Unfortunately you can't change the view, so if you have lots of images you could have a lot of scrolling to do. There is, however a find option, based on the text, though it's a search as you type tool. It's also a pity Image Co-tracker only supports Internet Explorer.

For students and anyone who wants to source images from web sites, this is a quick and reliable way to make sure you have all the necessary information about them.


  • Quick way to save sourced images
  • Search tool


  • Only supports IE


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Image Co-Tracker


Image Co-Tracker 2.00.004 for PC


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